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Foundations: Student’s choice listening

CLE 10, Spring 2014

For this CLE, you will find your own stories to practice with.

Choose a story or video from or Listen to it until you understand it.

For Friday, send me an email telling me about your story. (Do not copy sentences from the story. Use your own words.)

  • Include the program name, story title, and url (web address).
  • What was it about?
  • Explain the main ideas to me.
  • For you, why was this story interesting?

Suggested programs

Example of email

Dear Teacher,

This week, I watched a short video about a pig whose back legs don’t work. His owner made a wheelchair for him. The first wheelchair was small and was made from a child’s toys. Now the pig is grown up, and he has a bigger wheelchair. He uses it very well and acts like a normal pig.

I found this story interesting because most people would not care about a handicapped pig, but this man was very kind to the piglet and gave him a good life.


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Intermediate: Group presentations

CLE 10, Spring 2014: Group presentation with Powerpoint


  • Sources + 5 content slides (6 slides)
  • Introduction - 1 minute - May contain thesis statement
  • —- 3 evidence slides - 3 minutes each (maximum)
  • —- Each slide may have 1 short phrase only, plus useful graphics
  • Conclusion - 1 minute


  • Every group member must speak; you will get a small team grade plus a larger individual grade
  • Your presentation should “SELL” your idea. Why is this invention the MOST important? Convince me!
  • I will record your presentations on video.

You will receive a small group grade and a larger individual grade.

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Researching an Invention (Intermediate CLE 9)

This week, we will use a discussion and research process to find information and write about it.

1. In class: Internet vs Paper as the most important invention

  • Discuss, brainstorm list of reasons
  • Assign research topics to each student

2. Research one reason

  • history
  • examples
  • impact

3. List source information

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publication or publisher
  • Date (publication or retrieval)
  • Page number or web address (complete URL)

3. For Thurs: bring notes & source info to class

  • Write paragraph with source citation (in class, then email me individually)

4. Friday: bring paragraph, work with group to assemble essay

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